Throes has recently started producing experimental short films. 


The Lick

An after-death experience featuring Simon and Ana, characters from The Itch, shot on 16mm film.

Featuring Gore Abrams, Allison Anderegg, Alexandra Zelman-Doring, Vanya Goldenstein 

Written & Directed by Alexandra Zelman-Doring

Director of Photography Anya Alekhina

Editor George Gavin

Art Director George Gavin / Wardrobe Flavia Masson

Assistant Director Mojo Lorwin / Production Manager Mojo Lorwin 

Lighting Nick Kral / Sound Avantika Nimbalker

Assistant Camera Prashanth Kamalakanthan / Dolly Grip Nick Kral 

Dog Wrangler Lee Cahill

Music Gore Abrams, Alexandra Zelman- Doring, Peter Fox

More details & information of where to watch coming soon!

La Poubelle (in progress)

La Poubelle is the story of a young hunger artist and her two half-siblings. As she lies in bed voluntarily starving herself to death, Z speaks of the horrors of the world in her own poetic yet realistic language. She adopts her own philosophical, artistic, and political stance against the state of things, embodying a disillusioned yet (in her way) determined youth. Her siblings, both complacent and egoistic, nevertheless feel a need to help their sister. On the day they decide to take action and end her strike, they are surprised by their sister’s act of defeat.

This film raises questions about the role of the young artist in society today. Without proposing a “message” or“solution” La Poubelle opens into the world of three very different people bound together by a blood tie: their father. They lead separate lives with separate goals, yet one sibling’s choice affects the group profoundly.

The film functions of the level of symbolism and portrays the mysterious life-flow that permeates the everyday when interrupted by an act of defiance.

Featuring Pierre Ensergueix, Zoé Besmond de Senneville, Julien Hamelin & Alexandra Zelman-Doring

Written and Directed by Alexandra Zelman-Doring

Edited by George Gavin

More details and video excerpts coming soon!